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Jul 9th, 2016

Open London Association

We are an association to make the voices heard of all those Londoners whose jobs and ways of living depend on the UK remaining part of the EU Single Market. London voted to stay in the EU.  A large part of the political class and media have demonstrated a lack of professionalism in handling the debate.  It has been sad to observe this low-grade political circus, which has caused so much division it even puts at risk the continued existence of one of our great nation. Whilst it may be hard to hide our distaste for the behaviour of certain politicians during the Brexit campaign, our association has to be non-political and professional in order to occupy the higher ground in the debate.


  • Help to shape the post-Brexit debate;
  • Provide a reliable source of correct and factual information in this debate;
  • Get the voice of ordinary Londoners heard;
  • Hold politicians accountable;
  • Help people across the UK understand that harming London is also not in their interest;
  • Work public opinion through practical examples rather than through political hyperbole;
  • Bring like-minded people together through events and working groups;
  • Deliver academic input through a think-thank;
  • Demonstrate how the EU Single Market has benefited London; and
  • Formulate ideas for how to bridge differences between London and anti-EU regions in the UK.