Business Principles: ‘Blood, Sweat & Beers’

Aug 14th, 2013

I’ve set out what I’ve called ‘business principles’ which lists all the things I’ve learned during and after setting up a few businesses.


The aim of this section is to help you have the benefit of these lessons and concepts which I’ve learnt and come across.


This is still an on-going process and this guide will continue to be updated on an on-going basis.  The principles are not set in stone but are something which may help and assist when starting out and hopefully you will find that they save you time.


I’ve split this part into two sections, the first part set out a little on my background and my story so far and I’ve kept this short, but it sets the scene.  The second part lists and discusses the businesses principles and I’ve given working examples where possible, together of examples where some the principles interplay and link back to each other.


If you have any of your own suggestions, please email them to me at with specific examples and I will try and add them to the blog section of the website.